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OneSource IT offers a wide range of features that can be configured to meet the needs of your organization. OneSource IT features are configurable at both the entity and user levels. They include:

This Help system covers features that may not be enabled for your organization's OneSource IT site. If you have any questions about the features available to you, please contact your OneSource IT administrator or your ePlus Sales Representative.

User Permission and Privilege-Based Functionality

OneSource IT offers a wide range of features and functions to meet the needs of our customers. Some of the features described in this Help system are available only to users who have the appropriate privileges. New users may be limited to view-only access to quotes and order/invoice status until their accounts are fully activated.

If you don't have access to features or functions described in this Help system, but would like access to these features and functions, please contact your ePlus Sales Representative.

Configuration of Your Organization's Site

Direct Online Shopping

The OneSource IT web site can be accessed directly through a web browser or accessed by "punching out" from another eProcurement solution.

If your organization accesses OneSource IT directly, your OneSource IT administrator will provide you with the OneSource IT URL and logon credentials you need to navigate to the site, log on, and shop.

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Logging In and Logging Out

Home Page

Checking Out

Punch-Out Shopping

If you access OneSource IT by "punching out" of your organization's internal eProcurement system, OneSource IT appears as an option under the catalog section of your eProcurement system. When you select OneSource IT, you are taken immediately to the OneSource IT home page.  It is not necessary to log in; the punch out functionality submits your credentials and logs you in to OneSource automatically.

When you are done shopping in OneSource IT and click Checkout, you are returned to your eProcurement system. Any orders you have placed in OneSource IT are automatically passed to your eProcurement system for processing.

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Logging In and Logging Out

Home Page

Checking Out

General Navigation

Login and Logout

The following login procedure pertains only to direct access of OneSource IT. If you are accessing OneSource IT by punching out of another eProcurement system, you will not need to login. For more information, see Punch-Out Shopping. For information about changing your password, see Changing Your Password.

To log in to OneSource IT:

1.     Point your browser to the OneSource IT login page at:

2.     Enter the username and password provided by ePlus.

Note: OneSource IT passwords are case sensitive.

3.     Click Login. OneSource IT displays the OneSource IT Home page for your organization.

Note: If you attempt to log in with an incorrect password, OneSource IT presents you with the option to reset your password. If you select this option, the Reset Password page asks you for your first name, last name, and email address. Be sure to enter the same email address that you supplied to ePlus in your OneSource IT registration.

If you continue to have problems logging in, contact your ePlus Sales Representative or send an email to

To log out of OneSource IT:

Click Logout in the Header Menu.

The "Remember Me" Feature

The OneSource IT Login box includes a Remember Me check box. Select this check box when you log in if you want OneSource IT to remember your credentials for the duration of your session. If you select Remember Me, and then close your browser during your session, you will automatically be logged back in to OneSource IT when you relaunch your browser and return to the OneSource IT URL.

The Remember Me check box is automatically cleared when you log out of OneSource IT.

Note: If you are accessing OneSource IT by punching out of another eProcurement system, you will not need to log in or use the Remember Me feature. For more information, see Punch-Out Shopping.

Home Page

After you log in (or punch in) to OneSource IT, the OneSource IT Home page displays. The Home page is your starting point for browsing and searching the catalog, placing and approving orders, and accessing all other OneSource IT features and functions.

The screen capture below displays the OneSource IT Home page and identifies the Header Menu, Search Box, Catalog Menu, Quick-access Buttons, Notifications Box, Messages Box, and Main Menu.

This Help system refers to the above menus and options when discussing various features and commands.

Note: The features of the Header, Catalog, and Main menus may differ from those shown below, depending on your user privileges and how OneSource IT is configured for your organization.

Header Menu

The Header Menu includes the following links:

Catalog Menu

The Home link in the left side of this menu takes you to the OneSource IT Home page from anywhere in the application.

The remaining menu items are product classifications that contain product category submenus. You can point and click to browse the contents of the entire ePlus catalog. For more information, see Browsing the ePlus Catalog.

Search Box

The Search box includes:

For more information, see Searching by Keyword or Part #

Main Menu

The Main Menu includes links that allow you to navigate through the OneSource IT site, shop, submit requisitions, request quotes, track orders, and more. The Shopping Carts through Promotions links are grouped within the Shop box. The Status through Administration links are grouped within the Manage box:

The Main Menu also includes contact information for the ePlus Sales Representative assigned to your account. If you have any questions about OneSource IT or your account, your Sales Representative will be happy to help you.

Note: The Main Menu is visible on all OneSource IT pages except on Results List pages. You can always restore the Main Menu by clicking the Home link in the Catalog Menu.    

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